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our mission
our work

Olan Trust undertakes research and analysis, formulating policy, and delivering high quality services through education, information, and provision of exemplar services, including management of innovative co-operative housing solutions.

Solutions for organisations include environmental audits for business and processes, environmental impact assessment, ecological surveys, environmental research, support for environmental judicial review claims.

Solutions for the general public include housing provision, education, short courses, environmental advice line, and provision of information.

Throughout our work our mission is to promote sustainability and resilience.


Mary Melian Robertson (Chair)
Paul Rubinstein
Swadesh Poorun

team officers

Störm Poorun (Company Secretary)
John Robertson (Admin, Secretary)
Laura Doehler (Homes)
Sarah Smith (Admin)
Janet Sash (Finance)
Joan Simpson (Workflow)
Jeff Winterson (Personnel)
Ellen Bond (Technology)
Jana Bollo (Housing)
George Byrne

Curtis Turk

Störm Poorun

Swadesh Poorun

Mary Melian Robertson

Paul Rubinstein

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