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To support housing co-ops for care leavers & renovation of our historic HQ

After a productive start-up period, including establishment of Olan Homes co-operative housing network, Olan Trust is launching is first public funding appeal. We urge you to consider either donating to support these two projects, or investing (with 15% return rate after 6 month).

1) an imminent and narrow window of opportunity to establish supported co-operative homes for care leavers. This will also provide significant longterm core funding for the Trust.

2) unexpected challenges revealed during our painstaking restoration of our Crofton Park Library headquarters, including recently-found hazardous materials requiring urgent removal.

Crofton Park Library Olan HQ

Crofton Park Library Olan HQ



Team at previous office

Team at previous office

Prospective supported co-op

Prospective supported co-op



Cabin living space

Cabin living space

This appeal has been extended to the 28 February 2018, due to:

Olan HQ at Crofton Park Library

Your money will support these two projects:

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1) HOMES for


The Olan Homes network has successfully established 15 housing co-ops across England. As a result we have now been given the opportunity to work with a fostering organisation, and to provide and support housing co-operatives for care leavers in London. These are some of the most disenfranchised people in our society - those who have been without a family in Council care, or in temporary foster care.

This appeal is urgent due to the a narrow window to meet the contract requirements.


Our first proposed property is a 'mansion' in Bromley (pictured below), which will help us provide 24 hour supervision and mentoring to help these young members receive that crucial support in their early life that most people take for granted. This will be the first co-operative home in the country specifically for care leavers. It is a model we hope will prove more efficient for the public purse and provide better value & outcomes for everyone involved.

This project compliments the housing co-operatives that Olan Homes has been running successfully across England for the last few years, providing sustainable, communal, extremely affordable, and space-efficient housing in places as diverse as Lyme Regis, Bristol, & South London.


As you may know, we have been renovating our historic headquarters at Crofton Park Library (pictured above), working with Eco Communities CIC, a group of community volunteers. 

The Trust extends a huge thanks to those who have volunteered in the last two years to bring parts of this stunning building back into use, including those professionals who've offered their time. We have renovated roofing, tiles, plaster, new plumbing, heating, and electrical systems, glazing, and security, and our team has acquired many skills on the way.

However, we also uncovered a number of unexpected challenges, and to complete the works and get our headquarters finally running we need your help for the final push, removal of some hazardous materials, completion of electrical wiring,  plastering, installing toilet facilities, restoration of the interior, and the gardens.

Proposed supported accommodation in Bromley, South London


Olan Trust strives to contribute to human sustainability and resilience - as a research body, policy thinktank, and service provider.

Our first service is a network of  tenant-lead housing co-operatives (Olan Homes), providing affordable, sustainable, low-impact, and space-efficient homes.


This beautiful late Victorian building was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish industrialist born in Glasgow in poverty who went on to become an industrialist in the USA, he also became a philanthropist and built community buildings for poor communities around the world. 

You can help Olan Trust prevent its decline, restore this neglected building, and make it a local gem, and a thriving hub for Olan Trust members. The finished interior will be a fusion of traditional and elegant modern design.


In addition to the existing library, bookshop and community café on the ground floor, our work will use the first floor to create a relaxing and vibrant centre. It will provide a public garden area outdoors, a community cinema venue in the library, and a workhub & meeting room service for activists, groups and local freelance workers and students. The office will provide headquarters, meeting, and training centre for Olan Trust staff, members, and volunteers.

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