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Olan Homes can rent, manage and maintain your property whilst providing you a guaranteed monthly income with no fees to pay.

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What is the Olan Trust?

Olan Trust is a non-profit organisation providing innovative and sustainable services and solutions to both organisations and the public community. Through our independent research and analysis we are able to provided housing, education, information and advice on both financial and ecologically sustainable grounds. 

What Olan can offer you?

· Fully-managed Housing

· Fully-vetted Residents

· Residential and Commercial Property – Flats, Houses, Offices, Warehouses

· Long or Short-term

· Clearance, Refurbishment and Redecoration

· Repairs and Safety Checks

· Guaranteed Monthly Income

· No Fees (Owner or arrangement)

· Exemption from HMO Licencing

· Exemption from Deposit Scheme

Co-operative Housing

Olan Trust currently manages eighteen properties across the United Kingdom, eleven of which in London. Olan can rent, renovate (if necessary) and ethically use or house people in your property, offering a alternative to the impossibilities of the current housing crisis. 

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We can rent your property, put it to ethical use &
provide you a guaranteed monthly income
fully-managed with no fees to pay
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